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Friday, 18 November 2022

I had a blog post about Twitter's slippery slope with Elon.

 I intended (and even wrote a fair portion of it) to write a post about Elon's Twitter which has been nothing but horrible decisions, Nazi/far-right/alt-right dogwhistles like removing policies that protect trans people, publicity stunts like making a Twitter poll to reinstate Donald Trump when not only he has expressed zero interest in coming back but it's an obvious stunt to bring the Nazis back to Twitter, and topping in the worst CEO ever and speedrunning killing a company he bought.

But that blog post would be many many pages and paragraphs long because he has not done a single thing  right. It's easier to just Google the word "twitter" and check today's news for the next dumbest thing he's done in his plan to kill a multi-billion dollar company with nearly unlimited money.

So I'd like to just say that Twitter's death is inevitable. It's going to turn into a far-right/alt-right platform dedicated to protecting hate speech. It's going to be a mainstream social media version of KiwiFarms. Or it will become so vacant and dead that it will just be bought up by some other company.

If you have a Twitter account, delete it, or delete all your tweets if you're concerned about impersonation ASAP. Stop using Twitter SSO (Login with Twitter button). Remove all associations with it for when Twitter gets inevitably pwn'd from Elon firing literally everything who does security.

If you still work at Twitter, I'm sorry for you.

Sunday, 9 October 2022

Stopping email subscription bombing and reducing spam

(new update below!) Not too recently I had a KiwiFarms (the hate crime terrorist website) user DM me on Matrix, a platform I barely use, complaining about their website being on a blocklist of mine I personally use and asked me to remove it. Like any sensible person, you don't negotiate with terrorists and I told them to stop bothering me and it's not being removed.

It seems they took that as the initiative to email bomb me, SMS spam my phone numbers, and call my phones from unknown numbers. Not a very sophisticated attack on me. Dealing with the phone number part was very easy. I already block and ignore unknown phone numbers including texts. If a legitimate person wants to get ahold of you, they email you or contact you on more professional (or interactive) social media like LinkedIn or Twitter. Not calling you over insecure telecomms where phone scams are so common it's becoming normal to block unknown phone numbers.

Dealing with the email subscription bombing was a different situation because I never really had to deal with it, but it was also a trivial solution that I'm not sure why is not very talked about a lot.

Saturday, 24 September 2022

Windows, OpenSSH, and FIDO2

Being able to use your FIDO2 key (e.g. Yubikey) for OpenSSH is amazing, as long as you're on Linux. For some reason, Windows has very limited out the box functionality if any for this, mainly because the OpenSSH they ship with (C:\Windows\System32\OpenSSH) is very outdated, even on the most up to date Windows 11. Fortunately, Microsoft maintains a more up to date fork of OpenSSH for Windows that can be installed and is very easy to get FIDO2 SSH working.

Sunday, 28 August 2022

Using IPv6 with your Custom Domain on Blogger

If you want your custom domain on Blogger, you will most likely just use the typical two CNAME records. This is all easy if you use Google Domains. Instant verification and does all the DNS handling for you no problem. But you might not be using Google Domains and want to redirect your root domain. That doesn't use CNAME because you actually cannot put CNAMEs at the root domain level. This is supposed to be solved by CNAME flattening (sometimes called ANAME or ALIAS records) but you still cannot put IP addresses in either a CNAME or an ALIAS record because these are meant to resolve to IP addresses. Wanting to put an IP address at the root domain using CNAME is called an A/AAAA record.

For Google Domains users, this is dealt with by just checking the box. For non-Google Domains users, Google has documentation on setting this up. But it's missing something: the AAAA records (IPv6). Something even more interesting? Google Domains deals with both A records and AAAA records. Fear not, this is easy to solve.

Saturday, 27 August 2022

Making Realtek Audio useful using Realtek-UAD-generic

It's no surprise that Realtek is really bad when it comes to sound drivers on Windows. Ranging from horrible DPC latency issues that people solve by downgrading to extremely old drivers (stop pls), to bugchecks/crashes and just flat-out bad audio. But it is solvable (for the most part).

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I had a blog post about Twitter's slippery slope with Elon.

 I intended (and even wrote a fair portion of it) to write a post about Elon's Twitter which has been nothing but horrible decisions, Na...